2009 Homecoming Court Candidates

Lydia Coutre

Before you decide Kent State’s 2009 Homecoming King and Queen, learn more about who they are as students and what Kent State means to them. Vote on FlashLine starting Wednesday.

Name: Brittni Cortright

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Campus Involvement: President of Alpha Xi Delta, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Phi Beta Kappa, Order of Omega, Relay for Life, Student Ambassador, Psi Chi

Favorite thing about Kent State: “I would say the opportunities. Kent is very, very open to student involvement . New relationships that have formed – they’ve all stemmed from my involvement in campus activities.”

Homecoming Court member Brittni Cortright was always grateful for her experience at Kent State, but didn’t initially think to show this appreciation for her years here.

Then a visiting alumnus told her, “When you’re done, you’ll wish you would have thanked the people that helped you.”

This is exactly what being on Homecoming Court means to Cortright.

“I think being on court is just a big, huge thank you,” Cortright said. “It’s just an awesome way to give back to every organization and person that I’ve met through Kent.”

Although it had crossed her mind last year, Cortright hadn’t thought much about running.

“I just happened to be nominated, and I just got excited and I got really into it,” she said.

Cortright believes she brings a positive image of Greek women to the court while staying active as a senior.

“Honestly, I think the honor is being on Homecoming Court,” Cortright said. “Being queen would just kind of be an extra honor because it means that people recognize and appreciate what you do.”

Name: Shannon Duffy

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Campus Involvement: The Dive, campus tour guide, Psi Chi, Relay for Life, Honors College

Favorite thing about Kent State: “I would say all of the people that I’ve met, whether that be professors that I’ve had or people that I’ve met through organizations.”

Homecoming Court member Shannon Duffy wouldn’t have thought to put herself in the running for court had it not been for adamant suggestions from a friend.

This is the first year that her sponsor, The Dive, has nominated anyone for court. Duffy said she is excited for the opportunity.

“It is a privilege to be recognized as someone who has been involved both inside and outside of the classroom during their time here at Kent State,” Duffy said.

Duffy said the experience is more important than the outcome of the elections.

“All of the other girls on court are very sweet and involved on campus, so whoever wins will be extremely deserving,” Duffy said. “(I) am looking forward to enjoying everything that goes along with it no matter what happens with queen.”

Duffy is enjoying the experience with the rest of the court members and is thankful for her placement on court.

“It would be a great honor to be selected as queen, but I’m just honored to be on court,” Duffy said.

Name: Kristine Gill

Year: Senior

Major: Newspaper Journalism

Campus Involvement: Newsroom coordinator for student media, Student Ambassador, Kappa Tau Alpha

Favorite thing about Kent State: “I like the weird little quirks. I love the black squirrels. I don’t think every university has something like an unofficial mascot.”

With three years as the Daily Kent Stater’s humor columnist, students may have already seen the name of Homecoming Court member Kristine Gill.

“I think I’m probably one of the people on court that maybe you don’t know me personally, but you’ve probably read my name in that paper at least once,” said Gill, who has also done reporting for the Stater.

Gill said she likes learning about the university’s history.

“I think I bring sort of like a passion about what’s happening here,” she said.

She thought of running for court last year when a number of her friends were on court, making the possibility more feasible.

“Everyone says it’s so cheesy and corny, but I think it’s hilarious,” Gill said. “I think it’s a blast. I love picturing all of us standing on the football field waving and stuff. That image is something I know I’ll get to remember forever.”

The journalism honors society, Kappa Tau Alpha, sponsored Gill’s court nomination.

“It’s a huge honor to be selected by alumni (and) to be nominated by a group of people who respect you,” Gill said.

Editor’s Note: Kristine Gill’s position as newsroom coordinator for student media means she oversees the Daily Kent Stater, TV2 and Black Squirrel Radio to organize coverage among the three media outlets. She did not participate in the editing process of this article.