EPC proposes unified regional campus college

Colin Morris

The Educational Policies Council added a last-minute item to its agenda for Monday afternoon’s monthly meeting: a new college to house programs offered exclusively at regional campuses.

EPC co-chair Tom Janson said the proposed Regional College is about autonomy for the regional campuses.

“To some degree, we’ve supported (the campuses’ autonomy) with more courses,” he said. “But we don’t want the students (who take most of their classes at regional campuses) to feel tied to the main campus.”

When asked if too much autonomy might alienate regional campus communities, Janson said he wasn’t sure.

“Maybe, maybe not,” he said. “A lot of those students consider their regional campuses home. . Whatever happens, they’re still getting a degree from Kent State.”

Other agenda items included proposals regarding the catalog notation of Liberal Education Requirement courses under the Kent CORE program in development and a new policy requiring students to declare a major by the time they have completed 45 credit hours. Both proposals were approved to be sent to the Faculty Senate floor.

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