The Pita Pit: A stroll down Acorn Alley …

Pamela Crimbchin

Students walking back to campus after the bars close will now have a healthier food option to help overcome early morning cravings.

The Pita Pit will be open until 3 a.m. on weekdays and 4 a.m. on weekends to serve students with pitas, snacks and smoothies.

“It’s great for college campuses,” owner Tana Walther said.

The Pita Pit is a chain restaurant ran by Tana and her father Jan Walther. Tana’s twin sister, Terra Walther, who is studying at culinary school, is helping with the opening of the restaurant.

“We have a local pita that she is going to make,” Tana said.

Tana convinced her father to open the franchise after visiting Pita Pits on trips with the Kent State track team, where she used to be a thrower.

“Being an athlete, obviously I didn’t want junk, so I’d look for Pita Pits,” Tana said. “I had one pita, and I was hooked.”

Students will be able to order breakfast and meat pitas including Sausage Sunrise and Chicken Caesar. The Pita Pit also offers veggie and vegan pitas, such as feta cheese and falafel.

“There’s a lot of people in Kent that are vegetarians, and there’s not a lot of options to them, so we have that,” Tana said.

The four smoothies available at the Pita Pit, Berry Go Round, Mango Tango, Blue Bayou and Banana Very Berry, are made with fruit and non-fat yogurt.

Students will be able to place their orders by phone, fax and in the restaurant. Pita Pit will also deliver, which Tana thinks will help with winter sales.

The Pita Pit is not open yet, but Tana said it should be open by Labor Day weekend.

– Pamela Crimbchin