Our view: Enjoy those last few moments and cents

DKS Editors

There are only a few weeks of (generally) warm weather left. And after the first few weeks of school are out of the way, most students are looking at very small bank accounts after purchasing books, stocking pantries and partying maybe a little too hard.

Lucky for everyone, there are still events to attend. Free events at that.

This past weekend, students were able to attend Art in the Park, the Black Squirrel Festival and the Irish Festival – all free and all rather entertaining. The weather was just right, too.

There aren’t too many festivals left, but the point is to spend some time outside enjoying a little culture. If there is a free concert, it may be worth checking out even if it’s not your style – it’s still an excuse to get out of the dorm or out of the apartment and enjoy a little bit of culture.

There are events like the Haymaker Farmer’s Market where students can go just to take a look around and enjoy the weather and the great smells and sights of local food. They can also spend just a couple of bucks and wind up with quite a load of fresh treats that won’t wind up in a hangover the following day.

Look for other free events that stores put on such as free henna at Empire. Take a look around for fliers hanging on and around campus that feature interesting free events (you could end up at a natural foods potluck on a Tuesday). When someone walks by you in the hall with a postcard promoting a free ticket to a concert, try going.

There are plenty of free options if you just make the effort to look for them. The weather is still fine (and your pockets are still empty) that there’s no reason to just watch another episode of this show or that.

You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t get out before you’re snowed in. If nothing else, just go enjoy being able to walk down the street without slipping on a patch of black ice.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.