Say What? The Daily Kent Stater’s favorite Doug Martin moments

Kent State football coach Doug Martin made national waves last week when he went off on the NCAA just in case it was thinking about not giving injured senior running back Eugene Jarvis another year of eligibility.

Martin may not have a winning record in his career at the helm of the Flashes, but he’s always been a candidate for the “Most Quotable Division-I Football Coach” award.

1. “If this kid (Jarvis) doesn’t get a sixth year, everybody in Kent should storm the NCAA, and we should burn the place down.”

– Weekly press conference, Sept. 14, 2009, after announcing Jarvis would miss the rest of his senior season.

2. “We went out and we recruited a really good punter, and we didn’t give him a chance tonight. Lord, he may be brain-damaged after tonight for the rest of the year.”

– Post-game press conference, Sept. 6, 2008, after a 48-28 loss at Iowa State when then-freshman punter Matt Rinehart had two punt attempts blocked.

3.”So I’m going to tell you this: We don’t have our starting quarterback. We don’t have our starting running back. I don’t care. I will guarantee every Kent State fan right now this is going to be a winning football team and this football team is going to be in a bowl game.”

– Weekly press conference, Sept. 14, 2009, in reaction to the injuries of sophomore quarterback Giorgio Morgan and Jarvis.

4.”I’ve tried to love (then-junior kicker Nate Reed) up. I’ve tried to jump on him. I’ve tried everything. At some point he’s got to pony up and (improve).”

– Post-game press conference, Oct. 11, 2008, after a 26-19 loss to Ohio. Reed missed the first extra-point attempt in the game after missing two field goals, including a potential game winner against Akron the week before.

5.”(Julian Edelman) is the best football player in the Mid-American Conference, and I’m not talking about the best quarterback.”

– Post-game press conference after a 45-30 loss to Bowling Green, Nov. 1, 2008. Edelman threw 219 yards for two touchdowns and rushed 170 yards for two more touchdowns in the game.

Quotes and stats compiled by sports editor Thomas Gallick and assistant sports editor Josh Johnston. Contact the sports staff at [email protected].