Flashes football is for fun…unfortunately

Eddie Kilroy

Tonight’s matchup between Coastal Carolina and Kent State may be the first college football game for some students. They may paint their faces and bodies in Kent State blue and gold, chug as much Natural Light as humanly possible and scream as loud as they can, in hopes for a winning season by our Golden Flashes.

Here is some advice for those who are attending the games this season: If you go to Dix Stadium tonight, don’t be bummed out if we lose.

Not to say that our football team is bad, but they’re also not the Mid-American Conference champions. Kent State’s history of winning football seasons is what sports experts would call “deluded.” By this, I mean the last winning season our football team had was back in 2001.

Bummed out? Don’t be. They might have a shot – I think.

As a color-commentator for the radio station, I have thoroughly examined the team’s outlook for this season, and I see some positives. Key word: some.

The fact that senior running back Eugene Jarvis, the nation’s seventh-leading rusher in 2007, is back with four returning offensive linemen is enlightening. And with an aggressive defense led by junior safety Brian Lainhart and junior linebacker Cobrani Mixon, it should be a year to enjoy.

Unfortunately, too many questions remain for this team to have a winning season. Is sophomore Giorgio Morgan going to be able to handle the pressure of starting quarterback? Is head coach Doug Martin going to be able to put together a consistent game plan? Can our defense stay healthy? Can we beat our long-hated rival, Akron? What will our receivers do without former quarterback Julian Edelman?

The big question for me is not about certain players or coaches. The real question I’m posing is, how many times will Kent State lose this year? I’m being optimistic and saying that the Flashes could end up with a 6-6 record. Key word: could.

It will, unfortunately, have to be a wait-and-see situation for many fans. So, please, for those of you expecting to win this season: let go of your hopes and try to enjoy our newly renovated stadium. Be sure to check out the tailgate party at 5 p.m. behind the student section at Dix Stadium, complete with beer, a mechanical bull and, yes, more beer.

For those of you who would rather “pregame” in your apartments before enjoying “Thirsty Thursday” in Kent, be sure to tune into the game by clicking on the live game feed at BlackSquirrelRadio.com. Even if you don’t pay attention, I’m sure the sound of the game will drag out your buzz longer than usual.

Just remember to be safe, don’t contract swine flu and root for our team – no matter what the score is.

Eddie Kilroy is a sophomore communications studies major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].