Gmail back in service

Kristyn Soltis

Gmail is back online after about 3 hours of being out of service.

Google Inc.’s popular e-mail service was experiencing a widespread outage, the cause of which is unclear.

Gmail on Twitter

The news and complaints of the Gmail glitch have spread to Twitter, making it a trendy topic on the site’s homepage.

Bcapote: #G-Mail being down, is now a trending topic on @Twitter…. Wow…. What would people do, if @Google just, vanished?

Joanbuyeragent: gmail seems to have said G-bye — can’t get into g-mail… anyone else having a problem?

Donnajdoak: G mail down!! what to do????

Learn more about the Google mail problem and how to use IMAP or POP here.

Google experienced similar outages in February, March and May.

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