The first suggestion letter

Eddie Kilroy

This is a letter written based on the complaints and suggestions I’ve heard within my past year of attending Kent State. I am simply the megaphone for those who share these issues.

Dear Kent State University:

In tough economic times, we understand that every school must make sacrifices on many fronts in order to keep the education system afloat. It is difficult for many families to help their kids proceed through college without bearing a huge financial burden for a long time. If it makes it any easier, I have a suggestion on what programs should be cut next to save money.

I believe the Kent State security guards serve no purpose to the university and should be cut to save money.

For the past year, I have lived the dormitory life, during which I have had little to no complaints. We live in a decent building where the majority of the people here are all friendly and courteous to one another. The resident assistants are friendly and respect the space of the tenants that live in my building. I cannot say the same for other dorms, but for me, I’d say I’ve been blessed with a good living situation.

There is only one problem we have with residence halls: security guards.

To be honest, paying someone an hourly wage to walk up and down the hallways of dorms with nothing but a walkie-talkie is a waste of money. If anyone is going to tell us to turn down our television or quiet down after hours, it will be our RA. I’d rather listen to someone we know on a more social level rather than a complete stranger who looks like a life-size bumblebee.

The money that is being thrown away for this useless program should be used to cover the wages of professors here on campus, or used toward financial aid for students in need. Also, if there is uncertainty about campus security, why not hire more police officers on campus?

As for the students stuck performing this pointless job, the university owes you an apology. The fact that your job entitles you to be the tattletale for the on-campus students is embarrassing, and nobody should choose to do a job so useless and degrading.

If you’re looking for a career change, there is always a need for more help in the on-campus food service. In fact, we are still waiting for our Chinese food here in the Student Center.

In conclusion, we, the students, do not have the final say in what stays and what goes here at Kent State. We hope that the preceding information will help you make a decision that cannot only benefit the university financially, but benefit the students as well.

Eddie Kilroy is a sophomore communications studies major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].