USG discusses LERs at first meeting

Liana Evrard

The first Undergraduate Student Government meeting of the fall semester was called to order yesterday at 5:36 p.m.

A proposed Statement of Academic Intent was introduced first. The intention of the statement is to prevent plagiarism and cheating and encourage original ideas. USG will vote on the statement at its next meeting.

Donald Williams, dean of the Honors College, and biology professor Laura Leff presented proposed revisions to the current Liberal Education Requirements.

If two committees approve these changes, Kent Core classes will replace LERs in Fall 2011, Williams said. These courses will be accepted in any major, unlike LERs, making life easier for students who switch majors. Exceptions to this include majors such as education, which are state-mandated to include certain classes. Upper-division and interdisciplinary courses also will be offered.

Kent Core classes would be taught in what Williams called a “learning-centered” style.

“We’re all just learners in this together,” Williams said, emphasizing that professors are learners, too. Advisers and staff would be trained in this teaching method if Kent Core becomes a reality.

Williams said LERs have been “just something that you did to get rid of.” Kent Core classes “will have more meaning and be of more importance,” he said.

USG members also discussed several ideas for campus activities at the meeting, including a “Meet the Deans” program to connect students with their deans.

USG Executive Director Scott Sherwood spoke of the importance of USG being visible to the campus community.

“It’s kind of a personal goal of mine every day to introduce at least one person to Undergraduate Student Government,” Sherwood said.

USG meets every Wednesday afternoon at 5:30 in the Student Center Governance Chambers.

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