Obama holds town hall meeting in Shaker Heights

View photos from the meeting.

President Barack Obama spoke in a town hall meeting at Shaker Heights High School yesterday to promote healthcare reform.

Approximately 1600 people cheered as Obama stressed the urgency of a change in health care within the next year.

“Reform may be coming too soon for some in Washington, but it’s not soon enough for the American people,” he said.

The bill will not likely be out of the Senate by the end of August, but “That’s OK, I just want people to keep on working,” he said.

Obama also answered questions from various members of the audience, including one from a high school junior who asked what students could do to help get the reform passed. As a response, Obama encouraged activism by contacting their congressmen and governors.

The meeting ended with a question from Parker Smith, 14, who asked if the proposed healthcare reform is all too much too soon. Obama replied by saying he thinks it’s a great idea and he hopes to have the bill on his desk and signed in the fall.

-Rachel Kilroy