We fantasized about this

Leslie Cusano

I’ve worked for five different editors since I first joined the staff of the Daily Kent Stater back in 2006, but my current boss also happens to be my boyfriend.

We used to sit in our dorm (the now-demolished Humphrey Hall) during freshman year and fantasize about the big, bad Daily Kent Stater. He worked as a proofreader; I had just been hired as a photographer. We would joke about how when we were seniors, he would be the editor in chief and I would be the photo editor.

Guess what? That’s exactly what happened.

But don’t worry, I worked my way up the food chain. I was hired because I’m awesome – not because I date the editor.

Tim Magaw and I have grown up together on the staff, and along the way we have met some of the most wonderful people Kent State has to offer. Some have graduated and some still have a few years left to go, but I can say with certainty that the people I’ve met in this newsroom will be my lifelong friends.

You can never really understand the bond formed between people who work tirelessly to put together a newspaper until you experience it on a daily basis. There might not be a lot of love toward the Stater outside the newsroom, but there’s a lot of love in it – both for what we do and for who makes it happen.

The dedication that goes into what we do is the same dedication we’ve put into our friendships. We care so much about what we do, but we also care deeply about each other. For example, when College Avenue was rioting, we all sprung into action. To see all of us in this newsroom voluntarily on a Saturday night was absolutely astounding. We were so into the coverage, but everyone’s first priority was making sure our reporters and photographers on the scene were OK.

Sure, we yell at each other across the newsroom and get in fights about stories or photos. There are nights when we want to kill each other. But by the end of the week, you can find us all drinking together at the Zephyr – guaranteed.

It’s impossible for me to be in Franklin Hall without stopping by the newsroom. We complain about being here until all hours of the night, but when I’m alone in my apartment I come back because everyone I love is here.

When I supervise, I do one thing each night before I leave. As I’m walking out the doors, I turn and say, “Good night, newsroom.” And without fail, every person in there says “good night” back. Few things can match the joy that simple response brings. It’s a constant reminder that there is an entire newsroom full of people who are always there for me.

Good night, newsroom.

Leslie Cusano is a senior photojournalism major and the photo editor of the Daily Kent Stater. She’s going to miss you all. Contact her at [email protected].