KSU student media unveil their leaders for Fall 2009

Darren D'Altorio

The selection process for the leaders of student media for Fall 2009 is completed.

The media business model is always evolving because of rapid changes in the industry. To mirror those changes, the fall semester will usher in a new model for student media, blending traditional news coverage of the Daily Kent Stater and TV2 with up-to-date coverage on Kent News Net.

The new model will streamline student media so stories will reach the public faster, while providing more multimedia – pictures, videos and audio – and more ability for the audience to interact.

These are the students who will oversee production of the Daily Kent Stater, Black Squirrel Radio and TV2:

Newsroom positions

Newsroom Coordinator – Kristine Gill

Kent News Net Editor – Isabelle Jones

TV2 General Manager – Michelle Teece

TV2 News Director – Randy Ziemnik

TV2 Executive Producer – Amanda Kelley

Daily Kent Stater Editor – Jackie Valley

Managing Editor – Doug Gulasy

Black Squirrel Radio General Manager – Gabz Ciofani

BSR News Director – Nate Edwards

Multimedia Editor – Kristina Deckert

News Team Leader – Ben Wolford

Sports Team Leader – Thomas Gallick

Features Team Leader – Christina Stavale

News Team Assistants – Jenna Staul, Randy Ziemnik

Sports Team Assistants – Josh Johnston, Stefanie Frerotte

Features Team Assistants – Melissa Dilley, Nate Edwards

Daily Kent Stater positions

Campus Editors – Cody Francis, Regina Garcia Cano

City Editor – Kiera Manion-Fischer

Photo Editor – Danny Doherty

Assistant Photo Editor – Caitlin Sirse

Forum Editor – Sarah Steimer

Copy Desk Chief – Caleb Raubenolt

Co-Design Directors – Andy McEntee, Sam Twarek

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