New USG members have first meeting

Melissa Dilley

Low senator turnout puts voting on hold

Scott Sherwood, executive director of USG, leads the first meeting for newly elected candidates. Kristina Deckert | Daily Kent Stater

Credit: DKS Editors

The first meeting for the new members of Undergraduate Student Government got off to a slow start last night, with 11 of 25 members absent.

Although the meeting was the last scheduled for the year, Executive Director Scott Sherwood announced that because of the low turnout, USG would have to hold another meeting to vote on issues in the agenda.

However, as Sherwood asked members to speak about their plans for next semester, senators began to fill the vacant seats in the Governance Chambers.

When there were enough members to vote, Sean Mostov was named USG vice chair, and Jacob Hamma was approved vice chair of the Allocations Committee.

The vote for parliamentarian was tabled until the next meeting because the nominated candidate, Adam Patterson, director of community affairs, was absent.

2009-10 USG Allocations Committee Members at Large

&bull Lainie DeLuca

&bull Kevin Papp

&bull Melissa Hosom

&bull Alex Ocana

&bull Mikayla Farrell

&bull Judd Freitag

&bull Kyle Galindez

&bull Chris Durr

Vice Chair

&bull Jacob Hamma


&bull Joeseph Andulics

The members also voted to approve the newly appointed Allocations Committee.

Until the next time USG meets on June 17 to pass the budget, Sherwood asked the senators to make moves toward what they would like to accomplish at the beginning of next semester.

Brianna Lawhorn, director of academic affairs, said she will be working to keep the library open 24 hours; Jessica Lumpp, director of communications, said she will be focusing on getting the USG Web site up and running; Mike Szabo, director of programming, is putting the finishing touches on new positions on the USG programming board.

Sherwood said he has already made progress on one of the main goals he supported during his campaign – uniting Kent State and making the campus greener.

Sherwood said he has met with Kent Interhall Council and proposed working with Environmental Campus.

He said the program would continue the recycling efforts on campus but intensify the effects by making it a competition and giving prizes to the residence halls that recycle most.

Sherwood said Environmental Campus is going to be his top priority and he plans to push for the program until it is a reality.

“It is my main focus right now because it is something that can be carried on into the future and keep building and building,” he said.

Regular USG meetings will resume next fall at 5 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Governance Chambers.

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