Jewish Studies professor continues search for mother

Heather Scarlett

Sol Factor knows his biological mother’s name was Rosa Pollack and that she was originally from Romania. He knows she was 22-years-old when she gave birth to him on June 28, 1946 at 10:22 p.m. at the Frauenklinik which is a part of the University of Munich.


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What he does not know is why she gave him up to the UNRRA Children’s Hospital in Munich on July 14, 1946. Factor, a Jewish Studies professor at Kent State University, has spent years searching for the information that can link him to his biological parents.

“According to the Red Cross she is in Israel,” he said. But the Red Cross will not give him Rosa Pollack’s address so any letter that he tries to send her goes through them. So he has never had any contact with her.

He said Pollack could have given him up because if she were to marry having a child would be evidence that she was not a virgin.

“The whole thought of a survivor giving up a child when in fact one of the things female survivors were so thrilled about was the fact that they were able to have children despite everything is a little unusual,” he said.

Factor has found that there is a German journalist living in Israel who has documents that could be of use, but as of right now he is still waiting to find out.