Ten reasons to attend the Flight of the Conchords show this Sunday night

Pamela Crimbchin

Award-winning dynamic duo sure to pull in laughs

10. Awesome TV show: The HBO show “Flight of the Conchords” is now in its second season. The show is based on the band trying to become successful in New York City. It presents new songs from the band with comical sketches and appearances by famous comedians.

9. Sweet radio show: BBC was one step ahead of HBO and gave the duo a radio show in 2004. The radio show has a similar plot to the HBO series, but with the band trying to make it in London instead of New York City.

8. Bret McKenzie: Half of the Flight of the Conchords duo, McKenzie, is also known as being part of the famous New Zealand band The Black Seeds. McKenzie recently married long-time girlfriend Hannah Clarke and has since been vacationing with fellow Flight member Jemaine Clement.

7. Jemaine Clement (and his glasses): Clement, who is always donning stylish glasses or sunglasses, is the deep voice behind Flight of the Conchords. Clement is also part of Humourbeasts with Taika Cohen. The two teamed up to make the movie “Eagle vs. Shark,” which has won numerous awards including best screenplay in the 2007 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.

6. Award-winning: Flight of the Conchords won the 2007 Grammy for best comedy album with “The Distant Future.” The band has also won numerous awards in New Zealand, such as the Nokia Album of the year and Steinlager Pure Best Group.

5. Two guitars + two singers = Amazing: Flight of the Conchords might be a comedy act, but there is no doubt that this duo has musical talent. Clement’s deep voice harmonizes very well with McKenzie’s soft voice. Also, their skills on guitar and catchy song lyrics are addicting.

4. Epic story-telling: Flight of the Conchords’ story-telling is indeed stunning. Whether it is the song “Jenny,” where a slight mix-up in the park results in a comical interaction between two people, or just talking with the crowd, Flight of the Conchords carries listeners smoothly through many adventures.

3. New Zealand accents: McKenzie and Clement both hail from New Zealand and enjoy reminding listeners of the fact. Their accents and cultural references are comical and entertaining.

2. “Sexy” songs: With songs like “Business Time” and “Something for the Ladies,” Flight of the Conchords makes sure it gives a little something extra to the women of the crowd, even if both parts of the duo are taken.

1. Laughter: Flight of the Conchords is hilarious and what better way to soothe the end of semester stresses than with laughter?

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