University expects $2.6 mil slimmer budget

Regina Garcia Cano

Provost to address Faculty Senate today

The Kent campus will have about $2.6 million less available for educational and general expenditures during the next fiscal year, according to a preliminary budget presented at the Faculty Senate Budget Advisory Committee last Wednesday.

This campus expects to generate about $281 million in revenue and plans to spend the same amount.

According to the draft, the budget was estimated “using the Governor’s recommendation for state appropriations and an enrollment of 344 FTE (full-time equivalent students). Salary increases of 3 percent were also included.”

Jeff Milam, executive director of academic budget, said the budget won’t be definite until June when state appropriations for universities are finalized.

He said some heads of colleges and departments have decided not to fill vacant positions within the units as a cost saving measure.

Beginning in July, the university will operate under a new budget model, Responsibility Center Management. RCM considers each college a center accountable for its own finances. The preliminary budget allocates about $139 million to be divided among the colleges.

Faculty Senate Chairman Tom Janson said Robert Frank, vice president for academic affairs and provost, is expected to address the preliminary budget in front of the Senate today during its meeting.

Faculty Senate will meet at 3 p.m. in the Governance Chambers in the Student Center.

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