Hudson restaurant brings traditional Mediterranean food closer to home, offers intimate environment

Nicole Aikens

Aladdin’s differs from typical franchise feel

Waitress Katie Shall, senior education studies major, takes customers’ orders at Aladdin’s Eatery in Hudson. Aladdin’s offers vegetarian options as well as Middle Eastern cuisine. The franchise, which also has a restaurant in Akron, is known for its Leban

Credit: DKS Editors

If you’re looking for great Mediterranean food without having to travel halfway around the world, make the shorter trip to Aladdin’s Eatery.

Aladdin’s Lebanese/American menu has an item to please anyone, from hummus to tabouli and salads to rolled pitas. Even vegetarians have their choice from a fairly long list of vegetarian specialties.

Not only is there a larger selection of food, but also it’s a large selection of really good food. But don’t think that just because the food is good that it will be expensive. On average, you’d be able to eat for around $10.

Real Quick:


44 Park Lane, Hudson


Hours of operation

11 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Mon.-Thurs.

11 a.m.-11:30 p.m. Fri. and Sat.

11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday

I suggest the tabouli to start. The traditional Lebanese appetizer served with pita is a light, refreshing start. After that, I would try a rolled pita. These are the usual Mediterranean fixings, with Tahini Yogurt dressing and feta cheese, wrapped up in a toasted pita. I had the shish kabob rolled pita, and I was not disappointed.

While the food is good, to me, what makes Aladdin’s great is the atmosphere. The servers were friendly and helpful from the minute I walked in, and the décor makes you feel like you actually made the trip to the Mediterranean Sea. The case of desserts next to the front desk didn’t hurt either.

The word that comes to mind when I try to describe the setting is intimate. Although you’re in a room with other dining parties, you don’t feel overwhelmed. The dining rooms are sectioned off, so there weren’t more than a few tables in a given area.

The most surprising aspect wasn’t the quality of the food, service or décor – it was the fact that you can find an Aladdin’s Eatery in seven states. Because everything at Aladdin’s is seemingly flawless in its authenticity, it just doesn’t feel like it could be a franchise.

If you’re looking for a good meal and a great place to spend time with your friends, look no further than Aladdin’s Eatery. With locations in Hudson and Akron, it is convenient and sure to please. It definitely has “favorite restaurant” potential.

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