College of Education, Health and Human Services presents Student Awards Ceremony

Jackie McLean

The College of Education, Health and Human Services honored both undergraduate and graduate students for their service and leadership Friday afternoon in the Moulton Hall Ballroom.

“Their (the students) service to the community and to the college and their leadership is an inspiration to others and is laying a good foundation for their success in their careers,” coordinator Julie Wilcox said. “Hopefully, they continue to be those leaders throughout their field and remember that they started their success at Kent State.”

About 130 people attended the ceremony, which was sponsored by the dean’s office. Faculty, students and their families came to the event to celebrate their student’s achievements for the year.

Kent State Student Carrie Pfeiffer-Fiala, who is working on her doctorate in early childhood intervention services, received an award for both service and leadership.

Pfeiffer-Fiala is also teaching child development part-time at Cleveland State University.

She advises students to get involved and start making connections early to be successful.

“I think it’s really important to find others that have your same interests,” Pfeiffer-Fiala said. “Find people that can challenge you to think critically and problem solve and to be able to share and collaborate with, and I think that if you find that network, it really gives you many more connections than if you’re just wandering around.”

Education, Health, and Human Services 2009 Student Award Recipients:

Undergraduate Award Honorees Service

&bull Brittany Belko, Lauren Cieslak, Heather Dixon, Kristal Funk, Angela Heintz, Adrian Lewis, Michael Mitchell, Robert Purdy, Anna Ramach, Jodi Watts, Alicia Weiss and Rebecca Woollacott


&bull Abigail Kruszynski

Service and Leadership

&bull David Danenberg, Kent Hamilton, Allison Jackson, Elizabeth Serva

Graduate Award Honorees Service

&bull Lauren Slaughter, Amanda Williams


&bull Tanya Falcone

Service and Leadership

&bull Caitlyn Cushner, Rosie Daddario, Heather Doyle, Rebecca Fritschie, Terra Howell, Kelly Kowalski, Carrie Pfeiffer-Fiala and Nicole Stark

Dean’s Circle Scholars

&bull Rosa Campana, Heather Dixon, Courtney Donohue, Kent Hamilton, Kelly Jones, Rachel Kapadia, Mary Lukach, Stephanie Molnar, Tiffany Oliver, Christine Prebul, Robert Purdy, Kristian Smith and Michael Tricomi

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