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Pamela Crimbchin

Editor’s Note: In a continuous effort to bring you, the reader, fun pieces you can use, we’ve decided to start including a playlist from a different staff member each week. We all have different music tastes, and we’re hoping some of our selections might just make their way onto your iPod.

Johnny Cash – “Cocaine Blues”

Johnny Cash’s raw voice sings the woes of a man serving 99 years, as prisoners cheer him at Folsom Prison. Willy Lee may have shot some cocaine and his cheating woman, but his advice to “lay off the whiskey and let that cocaine be” is a life lesson everyone should hear.

Louis Armstrong – “La Vie en Rose”

The perfect love song and what I hope to be my wedding song, “La Vie En Rose” is soothing and beautiful. Louis Armstrong’s improvised virtuosos trumpet and scat influenced lyrics made each recording special, allowing the song to touch people in its own way.

Bob Dylan – “Blowin’ In the Wind”

The 1960s would not have been the same without Bob Dylan. His folk protest songs moved college students and have had an ever-lasting affect on society. “Blowin’ In the Wind” is mesmerizing as it asks the harder questions in life.

Envy on the Coast – “Temper Temper”

A pulsating chord builds intensity before breaking into a grueling fight as lead singer Ryan Hunter tries to hold back his anger. This song is great to sing really loud on bad days.

Brand New – “Sic Transit Gloria … Glory Fades”

The role reversal of a girl taking advantage of a boy is both haunting and probably truer than one would think. Lead singer Jesse Lacey’s echoing vocals with chilling screams of “Die young and save yourself” makes this song awesome no matter what emotion you’re feeling.

The Graduate – “Anhedonia”

The unsung anthem of almost every college student at some point is “Anhedonia,” which means the inability to feel pleasure. The complex and hypnotic combination of keyboard and guitars reflects the subject of trying to find yourself in a complicated world.

T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake – “Dead and Gone”

T.I.’s story can be heard in many of his songs or on his MTV show “Road to Redemption.” However, “Dead and Gone” encourages people to think about the consequences before they act and realize it is up to them – and only them – to change their life.

The Used – “The Taste of Ink”

The Used is easily one of my favorite bands of all time. “The Taste of Ink” is my favorite song by The Used. But all the band’s songs are amazing, with Bert McCracken’s vocals and screams bringing out the rocker in everyone.