Greeks to perform tonight as part of Greek Week

Greeks will take the stage tonight at the Michael Schwartz Center auditorium for Greek Idol.

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m., and performances will kick off at 7. Admission costs $1 or one canned food item, and each person will receive a voting slip upon entering. The winner will be decided entirely by the audience vote. A table will be set up with a box for each contestant. Once performances have ended, votes can be cast.

Each chapter must have one person sing, and the song must be chosen off the Top 100 list. All contestants will sit on stage, and names will be randomly pulled out of a hat to determine the singing order.

The first-place sorority and fraternity will receive 25 points, the second-place sorority and fraternity will receive 15 points and the third place sorority and fraternity will receive 10 points.

– Elizabeth Rothman