Open letter to President Lefton

Amy Siegfried

Dear President Lefton:

I understand that you were highly upset at being woken up to be asked about the disturbance in Kent on the night of April 25. I believe the direct quote is, “It was inappropriate for a reporter to call him at his home late on a Saturday night.”

Well guess what, Mr. President, I believe both as a parent of a current Kent State student as well as an alumna that it was very appropriate that you be woken up, asked your opinion and, whether you liked it or not, be involved in a potentially volatile situation that involved the students and residents and the city in which you live.

My daughter felt that it was appropriate to notify me in the middle of the night. Multiple parents either were called or called their child in the middle of the night to ascertain their safety. That is what people do when they are concerned about something they care deeply about.

And yet you thought it was inappropriate to be woken up about “your child,” Kent State University and its surroundings. Hmmm . seems to me that the Board of Trustees hired you to be concerned about “your child,” yet you don’t want to be disturbed.

President Lefton – you had a chance to show this university that you cared and guess what . you blew it. Thanks for showing me just what the money I, as well as the other parents of Kent State students, are spending it on.

Amy Siegfried is a guest columnist, 1982 Kent State graduate and resident

of Riverside, Calif.