Our view: Obama’s report card: B+

DKS Editors

President Barack Obama was a pretty good student, but even good students sometimes don’t get perfect grades. Sometimes good presidents don’t get perfect grades, either.

The president has done a pretty good job so far considering the pirates and the economy.

He’s had a lot to deal with as a young president who hadn’t been familiar with Washington for all that long. But it’s really working to his advantage. It sometimes seems the trend at our nation’s capital is active inaction, and the president doesn’t seem too interested in standing by and just talking “accomplished” before deciding on the mission.

Right from the start, he didn’t once flinch away from taking immediate action. The first thing he signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, a step toward pay equality for women. Around the same time, President Obama decided he plans to close down the Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp and end forms of torture used on detainees. He climbed right into the Oval Office and went right to reversing the mistakes made by President George W. Bush.

But he’s not perfect.

There were plenty of stumbles at the beginning, especially with his cabinet selections dropping like stocks. Plus, we have absolutely no idea what the effects of his decisions will be just yet. In terms of a presidency, 100 days is hardly a drop in the bucket. It takes months, years, even multiple terms, before a country might feel the effects of its leader’s actions. As much as we have high hopes for Obama, we have to be realistic here.

Go online and count down what campaign promises Obama has kept, which he has yet to fulfill and which he had reneged on if you really wish to keep track like that. Right now, according to “The Obameter” on PolitiFact.com, the president has kept 27 promises, compromised seven, broken six, stalled three, has 63 in the works and has taken no action on 408. That gives him about an “F” grading. But it’s only been 100 days, and if we’re remembering correctly, Rome wasn’t built in three days. It probably wasn’t built in 100 days, either.

So far, well done, Mr. President. We’re pretty proud of you, and overall we hope you keep up the good work. We’ll most likely be happier with you some days and less on others – but try to do the best you can. The majority of the country wouldn’t have put you in this position if we didn’t think you could handle it – and handle it well.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.