Student contestant on the Price is Right

Heather Anuta

WATCH am interview with Tiara, and see clips from her appearance on the show.

Junior Tiara Collins is a normal college student except for a recent TV appearance with a former Kent State student.

Collins was a contestant on The Price is Right, hosted by former KSU student Drew Carey.

Collins was never a fan of The Price is Right before her spring break trip to California.

“When we got the tickets online we were like ‘Okay, let’s watch it at least in case we get picked,'” Collins said. “So I watched one episode. And that’s all. I’ve only seen one episode of it.”

The show’s staff interviewed audience members to choose contestants before taping began.

“I knew this was where they picked people so I tried to be really outgoing and crazy,” Collins said.

Collins wouldn’t know if she was picked until the show started.

When they called her name, Collins was nervous because she didn’t know prices of most of the items.

“I couldn’t think so a lot of my prices were ridiculous,” Collins said.

Four contestants try to place bids closest to the amount of a particular item to win it and play a mini-game.

Collins won after bidding the closest price on a wine rack.

She played the range game and correctly guessed within a one hundred and fifty dollars of a band set.

Next Collins won a round leading her to the showcase.

She bid on her showcase of a trip to Las Vegas and a new car, but she bid too high.

Her opponent won his showcase.

Although Collins was excited to meet Drew Carey, she ended up disappointed.

“It was really cool,” Collins said. “He wasn’t anything like I expected though.”

Collins tried to talk to him about Kent.

Collins says it seems like Carey was uncomfortable with the audience.

“He was forcing conversation, like he didn’t know what to say,” Collins said.

Even though it wasn’t what she expected, Collins didn’t walk away empty-handed.

“I don’t even care if I won nothing because I think that’s a good experience and I know that I’ll tell my kids when I’m older,” Collins said.