Students play under the lights at Softball All-Nighter

Carolyn Drummond

Ten teams of students played softball under the lights at Allerton Sports Complex in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center’s All-Nighter Tournament from 8 p.m. Friday to 1:30 a.m. Saturday.

In the men’s championship, Team 409 won 24-12 over Slappin’ the Face. Team FBGM defeated Squad Up 10-5 in the co-recreational championship.

Most of the players participate in the intramural softball league in addition to this one-night tournament.

“It’s a chance to play more games,” said John Krehnovi, intramural sports and community leagues coordinator. “Any chance they can get to play more, they jump on it.”

Cody Alflen, junior criminal justice major and member of Squad Up, said that’s why his team played in the tournament.

“We look forward to playing every chance we get,” Alflen said.

The five men’s and five co-recreational teams each played four games. The two teams in each league with the most wins made it to the championship round.

Each game consisted of five innings, and some other rules were transformed to make the games move more quickly.

“I don’t like the rules, but it’s fun,” said Dan Junk, junior hospitality management major and member of Do Work Son. “And it’s cool to play under the lights.”

Many of the students said playing at night changed the game atmosphere.

“You feel like it’s a real game,” said Eliana Cordero, freshman magazine journalism major and member of One Night Stand.

The first 80-degree spring night added to the feel of the game.

“It’s a great opportunity to get outside in the spring,” Krehnovi said. “You’re going to have fun and meet new people.”

While some teams play regularly during the intramural season, other teams formed just to play in the All-Nighter Tournament.

Shannon McIsaac, a sophomore health and physical education major and a member of One Night Stand, said her team got together just for the night but still played well as a group.

“We mesh well,” McIsaac said. “We’re supportive of each other.”

Many players said even though the tournament was one night, the competition was real.

“It’s pretty intense, especially with the rival team,” said Rachel Nugen, sophomore nursing major and member of Squad Up.

Several members of Squad Up and Team FBGM live together, and their rivalry grows during the intramural season.

Many students said they appreciated the intramural programs offered by the rec center.

“It’s great they have a lot of different options,” said Junk. “It gives you a chance to play after high school.”

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