BSR heats up with discussion of Saturday night’s fires

Special College Fest edition of News in a Nut Shell

The radio news show “News in a Nutshell” on Black Squirrel Radio had a special edition that focused on the “College Fest Riot.” The show started with KNN reporters Randy Ziemnik and Kristine Gill discussing the fuel that ignited the chaos on College Ave.

From their mouths…

College Students Alyssa Conner, Kim Brown and Dave Woods talk about the mayhem of “College Fest” as well as council woman of ward 5 Heidi Shaffer and councilman at large Rick Hawksley.

Fire prevention

Semi-retired police officer James Owens, Associate VP of Communications and Marketing at Kent State University Thomas Neumann, and councilman at large Rick Hawksley discuss ways of preventing this incident from happening again.

Technical difficulites

Officer Owens, and college students Dave Woods, Alyssa Conner, and Kim Brown discuss the technical aspects of the chaos on College Ave. and whether or not it was handled properly.