Lester Lefton on BSR today

Darren D'Altorio

Black Squirrel Radio, Kent State’s independent student radio station, will host a high-profile visitor this afternoon.

President Lester Lefton will be in the BSR studio from 4-6 p.m. during “Your News in a Nutshell,” a news talk show.

Hosts Nathan Edwards, Eric Ristow, Jeannette Reyes and Tim Ritzert will interview Lefton live during what will be his second visit to BSR in his time as president of Kent State.

“How often do you get to have the president of the university do a live interview?” Edwards asked.

The goal of the interview is to give students more insight into who is running the university, Edwards said.

The hosts will ask questions about the recent budget cuts and how Lefton plans to seal the financial holes in the university.

Also, they plan to discuss the interplay between academics and athletics, addressing which receives priority treatment in the

university system.

Recently, the Daily Kent Stater editorial board reported university presidents from various schools around the country were setting up office hours once a week to meet with students.

The “Your News in a Nutshell” crew will ask Lefton if he has similar plans to be more accessible to students.

“We want to know what students think,” Edwards said.

Listeners can call the studio during the show or use instant messenger to ask Lefton


-Darren D’Altorio