And don’t forget the sunscreen

DKS Editors

This is not the end. You will have about another eight weeks when you come back from spring break.

Those eight weeks will probably include several more exams, a couple of all-nighters and, here’s hoping, a few more of those nights you can’t remember but wish you did. If you’d ever like to graduate, remember to come back for those eight weeks. They might be important.

So, here’s a simple request from us to all of you: Please, don’t get yourself killed/kidnapped/arrested/etc. during break.

You may have heard that Mexico is dangerous. Maybe it is. If you are accident prone or get into trouble easily, please consider not going to Mexico.

If you happen to agree that losing your v-card is awesome, please consider being responsible if you choose to lose it.

Whether your preferred phrase is “blowing chunks,” “tossing cookies” or “barfing,” please remember that excessive vomiting can lead to dehydration, auto-asphyxiation and very bad breath.

You may consider yourself and your friends to be the most photogenic people at Kent State, in Ohio and possibly even the world.

However, that doesn’t mean all the pictures of you and your friends getting wasted belong on Facebook – especially if you don’t want your future employer/internship coordinator to find them. Trust us on this one.

It’s always fun to get ‘faced and go wandering around your spring break destination of choice while singing, laughing and demanding that someone buy you a pony.

It’s usually less fun to get drunk, go wandering around and be struck and/or killed by a car.

While we’re on the topic: Drunk driving is not fun or funny. Sure, you might think so at the time, but when your license is suspended, your insurance company drops your policy and your options are your friends, your parents or (gasp) PARTA, odds are: You won’t be laughing.

Staying in hotels with gorgeous views is awesome. Staying in hotels with gorgeous views you only see after you’re smashed and falling from the balcony of your 11th floor suite? Not as awesome.

The people you meet when you travel can be such interesting, colorful characters. Still, please remember that an interesting, colorful character who asks if you’d be willing to drop off bags of “powdered sugar,” “oregano” or “headache pills” will probably not become your newest pen pal.

And, for the record, the charming guy or girl who offers to buy you a drink may not just be concerned about your hydration needs.

Especially not if they ask to borrow your credit or bank card and ID to go buy you a drink.

Many of you may have decided to go home this next week and hang out with friends and family, forgoing the madness MTV depicts as the typical college spring break. Others of you may be headed for distant, exotic locales. Whatever your plans, we wish you safe travel and a week of rest and relaxation.

Just don’t get yourself in trouble. Because then … well, then we’ll have to write about it.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.