Meet your USG candidates

Laura Cordle

Editor’s note: This week and next, the Daily Kent Stater will be profiling candidates for Undergraduate Student Government. Elections are Tuesday, Mar. 10.


Smith wants to better engage campus, bring leadership experience to USG

Jared Smith, senior marketing major, said he is running his “victory lap” in his campaign for Director of Student Involvement for Undergraduate Student Government.

Currently the senator for off-campus and commuter students, he is also the vice-chair of USG, meaning he assumes the duties of the executive director in his absence. He is also president of his fraternity, Sigma Chi, the largest Greek organization on campus.

“I am running for this position to personally have a positive impact to increasing student involvement among both on-campus and commuter students,” he said. “I want to be the voice of all the opinions, comments, concerns, questions for the entire undergraduate Kent State student body.”

Smith said he thinks he would do very well because he has been very involved at Kent State.

“I want to make sure events are posted on calendars and fliers are up for everything – sports events, basketball games, football games – just so the students know what’s going on, when and where it is, to get the Kent State body more involved and more informed,” Smith said.

Smith said a vote for him would be a vote for experience and knowledge.

“One small step for each student, one giant leap for Kent State University,” he said.

Higher attendance at on-campus events, better publicity, important for Daher

Marie Antoinette Daher, a junior communications major and hospitality management minor, wants to increase student attendance at events if elected Director of Student Involvement.

“I hope to accomplish a greater response of student attendance at various events taking place on campus,” Daher said.

She said that not all on-campus events are educational and wants more students to support other organizations.

“The events that take place are not only put on by the programming board, and many students are not aware of that,” Daher said, “which is what needs to be publicized more effectively to gain more involvement by the student body.”

Daher said she feels as though she would be perfect for this position because she has been a part of the programming board for three years and plans on going into event planning as her career. She said event planning is a main part of this position.


Lige would incorporate ideas from England to improve Kent State

Quiera Lige, junior psychology and criminal justice major, recently returned from a study abroad semester in England, and she noticed things they did that Kent State could adopt. She hopes to incorporate them if elected as Director of Academic Affairs for Undergraduate Student Government.

Lige said she would be good in this position because she has been a part of Black United Students and is comfortable in leadership positions.

If elected, two main issues she would address are textbooks and the Liberal Education Requirements. In England, she said the professors used other means of information including online journals, current events, newspapers and their own personal intelligence.

Lige also said she thought the number of LERs required to take in order to graduate is unnecessary.

“It shouldn’t be the quantity of LERs, but it should be the quality we take for our global education,” she said.

Lige said students in England are only required to take a maximum of 30 hours of LERs to graduate, and students there are still getting the same, if not better job opportunities.

“I am taking a look at the bare root of the situation,” she said. “I feel that Kent should help us, so if you can relate to me, vote for me.”

Lawhorn strives to build connection between students and their deans

Brianna Lawhorn, a sophomore middle childhood education major, plans to focus her energy on continuing to build the Meet the Deans program if elected as Director of Academic Affairs of Undergraduate Student Government.

Lawhorn said she feels as though talking with student senators and the college deans allows Kent State students to be more aware of what their college can do for them.

“If elected Director of Academic Affairs, I will make sure to hold ‘major fairs’ to showcase all the majors that Kent has to offer in detail, and I will work on extending library hours,” Lawhorn said.

Lawhorn emphasized the quality of education students are receiving at Kent State.

“People should vote for me because I feel that the undergraduates of Kent State have the right to have every opportunity possible to ensure that they are receiving the quality education they deserve,” she said.

– compiled by Laura Cordle