Robin Hood Inn investigated for underage drinking

Kent’s local bar, the Robin Hood Inn, is under scrutiny after the Investigative Unit of the Ohio Department of Public Safety received a complaint.

Julie Hinds, public information officer for the Investigative Unit, said undercover officers who were conducting official business saw laws being broken.

She couldn’t speculate because it is an open investigation.

“There is always a distinct possibility for them losing their license, especially with their track record,” said Bill Lillich, director of public safety. “There have been reports of other violations.”

There have been 10 arrests for the purchasing of alcohol or selling of alcohol to people under 21 and four underage consumption charges this school year at the Robin Hood. There were only three arrests for underage drinking during the August 2007 – May 2008 school year.

Nine arrests have been made at the bar, located at 503 E. Main St., since Feb. 14 after two other 18 and older Kent bars, the Bar’N and Green Room located on South Depeyster Street closed.

These two now-obsolete bars were responsible for 15 arrests in one month, from mid-September to mid-October 2008.

The Brewhouse, located on Water Street, and Europe Gyro, located on Depeyster Street, are also 18 and older bars. The Brewhouse had one arrest this school year and Europe Gyro had two.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety Investigative Unit, along with the Ohio Department of Liquor Control, are investigating the Robin Hood.

On Saturday, two people were arrested for underage possession of beer, and another person was arrested for the sale and/or furnishing of beer to a person under 21.

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