Students devise backup plans, change majors to outfox effects of bad economy

Laura Cordle

Financial talk-show host speaks tonight


Credit: DKS Editors

Suze Orman has been helping people throughout the economic crisis of the country, and is speaking tonight at the Student Center Ballroom at 7 p.m. Kent State students express they have also been having troubles with the economy, and some have based the decision of their majors on the economic state.

Allison Ketterer, sophomore dance performance major, said having one dream is no longer good enough.

“Being a dance major, there isn’t a lot of money in the first place, and now with this economy everyone needs a back-up plan,” she said.

Freshman accounting major Jessica Lynn Young said she chose her major because it’s practical, no matter what the state of the economy is.

“No matter how good or bad the economy is, people will always need accountants,” she said. “People will look to accountants for advice so they don’t go bankrupt.”

Nicholas Sinatra, freshman fashion design major, expressed the importance of his major.

“From birth to death people need clothes. When a baby is born, they are wrapped in a blanket, when a person dies they are covered with a shrug.”

Nathaniel Veach, freshman radiological imaging major, previously a journalism major, changed his major specifically because of the economy.

“I changed my major because this job market has recently been taking off, and unfortunately no matter what the economy, people will always be getting sick,” Veach said.

“Right out of college with a bachelor’s degree, one in this field makes about $75,000 a year.”

Freshman exploratory major Kristyn Berger expressed the challenges of choosing a major. “The economy is playing a big role with our education we are paying so much money on training for jobs that aren’t even out there.”

Alicia Durewicz, sophomore biology pre-med major, breathed a sigh of relief that she chose the major she did. “I chose my major before the economy took a nose dive, and lucky I chose what I did because I am planning on being a surgeon and people will always need surgeries.”

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