Local school serves as music venue

Christina Anthony

VIEW an audio slide show of the event.

The halls of Walls School were filled with the excitement of children even after classes were over yesterday. Walls School held its first ever music festival.

Principal Sandra Goodrich on flute and her husband Tom Goodrich on guitar took the stage together. Seven rooms of the school hosted musical stylings of the community members.

“I’m here for my grandchildren,” Guy Pernitts said as he tuned his guitar in room 102.

Each musical section lasted ten minutes allowing attendees to see three of the various performances. Fifth graders helped direct spectators to the rooms hosting the performances and introduced the performers at the beginning of each set.

“We are hoping this will become a yearly event.” Goodrich said. “It’s a great opportunity to showcase the talents of the people in the community and teach the children.”

Trinity, a Walls School kindergartner, and her family were excited to see Al Monthersbaugh on the trombone.

“We wanted to support our goddaughter, and she wanted to see the musicians,” Andrea Reynolds said noting the kindergarten and fourth grade concert that followed the festival.

Smiling faces of elementary school students and their parents flooded into the halls after the festival, making their way to the gymnasium for the concert. One could say the evening ended on a happy note.

-Christina Anthony