Pierce the Veil gives us a ‘Taste of Chaos’

Jackie McLean

The 2009 Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour is back for its fifth year with rock bands Thursday, Pierce the Veil, Bring Me the Horizon, Four Year Strong and Cancer Bats. The tour will travel to 42 cities in the United States during February and March.

Vic Fuentes, Pierce the Veil’s vocalist and guitarist, said the tour is in its second week and has been going well so far.

“We’re very stoked,” Fuentes said. “This is probably the coolest tour we’ve done so far.”

Fuentes said he was excited when he found out they would be playing with Bring Me the Horizon, Four Year Strong and the Cancer Bats because he has made really good friends with the bands.

“We toured with Four Year Strong a long time ago when both of our bands were just starting out, and it’s cool to be kind of reunited with them like a year or so later,” Fuentes said. “Bring Me the Horizon are cool dudes. We met them on Warped Tour.”

Real quick:

ROCKSTAR Taste of Chaos

featuring Pierce the Veil, Thursday, Bring Me the Horizon, Four Year Strong, Cancer Bats

Agora Theatre and Ballroom

Monday, March 9 5:30 p.m.


Thursday is the only band Fuentes had never met before the tour, and he said it was cool to be touring with them because they’ve always been fans of their music.

“It’s like a dream tour for us touring with Thursday who is like one of our favorite bands,” Fuentes said.

Fuentes said fans can expect a very energetic and entertaining show from Pierce the Veil, as it took the band two months to prepare for the tour.

“We’ve always taken a lot of pride in our live act because that’s pretty much all we do is tour, and we like to make each tour a little more fun and do different things,” Fuentes said.

The band has added a lot of artwork to their stage, and Fuentes said there will be a lot of surprises during the tour. They will also incorporate some cover songs into their performance.

“We’ve thrown in, like, a lot of different covers and stuff for the people who have never really seen us, so they can still sing along and have a really good time,” Fuentes said. “We want everyone to be involved, not just like hardcore fans of ours.”

Fuentes said he appreciates the hardcore fans of Pierce the Veil though.

“They like to feed us lots of cookies and doughnuts,” Fuentes said.

Fuentes added, however, their fans can get a little crazy at times. He has had one bad experience with a fan, and it was during a crowd-surfing contest.

“This kid was going crazy on Warped Tour, he was crowd-surfing, and he broke his arm or leg during our set,” Fuentes said. “We ended up sending him a free signed Warped Tour skateboard or something like that, and he was actually really excited about it.”

Fuentes said people should go to the Taste of Chaos Tour because the live act is different from the album.

“The live act is a lot more energetic and heavier than the record comes across,” Fuentes said. “The live act is a totally different experience.”

Fuentes said the band is currently working on a collaborative album called “Isles and Glaciers,” which will be released soon. The album will feature members from the bands Chiodos, Emarosa, Cinematic Sunrise, Underminded and The Receiving End of Sirens.

After the Taste of Chaos tour, Pierce the Veil plans on writing and recording a new album that will be released sometime next year.

“We’ve been getting a lot of influence from touring just from our fans, from people at the shows, and that’s what basically inspired us for the next record,” Fuentes said. “We want to make a new record that’s going to be really fun to play live.”

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