Students Prepare for the Student Dance Festival

Aubrey Haskins

WATCH as students prepare for the Dance Festival.

The Student Dance Festival at Kent State takes place March 13th through March 15th.

The Festival is put on by both student dancers and student choreographers.

The Festival, for students, is voluntary, but dancer Stephanie Moran says she does it for the love of performing.

“It’s just fun to be in a show, something extra to do, something to put on a resume.”

The show takes up a lot of time for these students, but freshman dancer, Beth Klimko, says learning organization tools is the key.

“It makes you realize you have to have better time management, it doesn’t really interfere you just have to organize your time a little more.”

Even though the student dancers put in a lot of work, the student choreographers put it a little more.

Student Choreographer, Nicole O’Malley, says its more than just showing up to rehearsals.

“Well not only do you have to put in the rehearsal hours but you also have to think of different movements and inspiration before you come to the rehearsal.”

The student dance festival showcases modern dance, a type of dance that uses body movement to express abstract ideas.

Moran hopes that the audience tries to understand modern dance.

“People don’t really understand modern dance and its really hard to get into, so you have to come in with an open mind.

O’Malley got her thoughts for her modern performance from the book series “Twilight.”

O’Malley came across a chapter called “Empass” where the two lovers in the story were stuck in a stalemate.

“I didn’t know what the word meant so I went and looked it up, and that is what my dance is about.”