Kent drag queens shine at Sex Week performance

Trevor, known as Theta Lite, poses in the blue light on the stage before the Sex Week Drag Show on Oct. 20, 2021. 

Reegan Saunders Reporter

There are not many places in Portage County where you can listen to a Black drag queen discuss consent while dressed in a sparkly blue jumpsuit, but for Kent State, it’s another Wednesday night.

As a part of their Sex Week programming, Kent Interhall Council held their annual drag show. The show’s lineup included local talent and Monique Heart, this year’s featured queen from “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Seeing the drag queens perform in person is a lively experience, but with COVID-19 regulations keeping indoor capacity at a minimum, limited tickets were available this year. However, this did not stop students from camping outside the Student Center Ballroom for over an hour prior to the doors opening, all for the chance at a front row spot at the show.

The energy in the ballroom was electric. As students made their way to their seats, they danced in the aisles to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Someday.” Dressed in their boldest outfits, the audience brought a flair to the show; most notably, a few power suits, a face painted entirely blue and a sequined checkboard dress.

Inspired by the fashion and personality of Kent students, Heart opened the stage for audience participation in two contests: a runway walk competition and a vogue battle. From “death drops” to handsprings to flirty interactions with audience members in the front row, the contestants’ performances were met with snaps, claps and standing ovations from their peers. So, it was only natural the excitement would build as the drag queens took the stage.

Name: Theta.Lite

Instagram: @theta.lite

First performance: “My first performance was virtual because of COVID. … It was really different. It was a lot of fun because I got to edit and do little gimmicks. I love videography, photography and art. But the energy was not there, and I missed it so much, so it’s so nice to be back on stage performing.”

What do you love the most about drag? “Drag is a radical expression of gender. You can be anything you want. You can be a man, woman, you can be literally anything. It’s just art, and that’s what I love about it.”

Why drag matters: “It means a lot to the LGBTQ+ movement, with Marsha P. Johnson and Silvia Rivera, to get to this point, to look like this on stage in front of 700 people. It’s all about the history.”

Name: Mikayla Moon

Instagram: @mikaylamoon

What is your favorite part of performing? “My favorite part was getting to connect with the audience. This was probably the best audience I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It was amazing.”

The costumes: “I love feeling like a pop star on stage… With the star one, I kind of wanted a campy Broadway theme. The main thing I am trying to go into with my fashion right now is a more grunge style.”

Name: Comatose

Instagram: @comacomacomatose

Drag inspiration: “I love horror movies and I’ve been through a lot of shit, so I embrace the darkness and become the creature of everyone’s nightmares.”

How long have you been doing drag? “It’s going to be three months next week.”

Future aspirations: “I want to get on this show called ‘Dragula,’ it’s like if ‘Drag Race’ and ‘Fear Factor’ had a baby. That’s my dream. That’s where the alternative queens become superstars.”

Name: Frutisha Punch

Instagram: @frutishapunchofficial

What made you start doing drag? “Middle school was a big time of self-discovery for me. I came out really early. I was 12 when I first came out and really started questioning my sexuality as a person. And I heard about this show called ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and I heard it was like ‘the gay thing’… so I watched it and I was like ‘That’s amazing. I want to do that in my life.’”

The costumes: “My look, I kind of describe it as ‘vomit,’ but in a very rainbow way. I would say it’s really dumb, it’s really fun, it’s campy, it’s different.”

“Haus of Drag,” Punch’s next project: “Haus of Drag is a club that just promotes all different versions of drag. From campy, weird, gross to high glamour pageantry. We just want to promote a safe drag environment at Kent State.”

Name: Marilyn Dubois

Instagram: @lukerath

What made you start doing drag?  “I actually went to a ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ with my mother. So, then I started putting on wigs, putting on corsets and I could not stop.”

The costumes: As a fashion major, Dubois designed her costumes for the evening. “It’s a little bit Maleficent. I just needed a good reveal. It’s just black, spooky, ooky, cooky dot com.”

What do you love most about performing? “Meeting people after the show. It’s about who you meet and who you talk to. It’s what makes it all worth it honestly.”

Reegan Saunders is a reporter. Contact them at [email protected]