Not your ordinary café

Pamela Crimbchin

Wild Goats Café offers an array of

The Wild Goats Café may be small, but it’s still welcoming. The Wild Goats Café is located on Main Street of downtown Kent across from the Kent Free Library. Shaye A. Painter | Daily Kent Stater

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Wild Goats Café, located across the street from the Kent Free Library, goes unnoticed by most Kent students, which is unacceptable.

Café may mean a small restaurant serving light meals and coffee, but Wild Goats Café has many large-portioned meals that make choosing what to eat more difficult than one would think.

The cover of the menu features the legend of the wild goats. Written in a classic fairy tale style, the story recalls a farmer who lost some of his goats. When he found them, they were eating little berries. He took these berries to the monks who then used them to make coffee, which is now a necessity in the lives of many college students.

After offering the menu, a friendly waiter or waitress is quick to greet you with a glass of water before drinks are even ordered. With a large selection of smoothies, coffees, teas and other beverages, the possibilities seem almost endless.

The wildberry banana smoothie is delicious. With fresh raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and banana all topped with whipped cream, it is the perfect drink for a nice sunny day.

For a sweeter tooth, there is the iced vanilla chai. Tiny ice balls and a creamy vanilla aftertaste allows this drink to be enjoyed first thing in the morning or anytime throughout the day.

The menu begins with breakfast: omelets galore, egg with hash browns combos and more French toasts then one can imagine.

There are also sandwiches, fresh salads, soups and mouth-watering appetizers like mango salsa and Greek humus. Even for an early afternoon lunch, the breakfast selection is still the way to go.

Peanut butter banana French toast on chocolate chip bread is just as sweet and calorie-loaded as it sounds but well worth it. The banana and peanut butter sit nicely between the chocolate chip French toast and can be topped with maple syrup.

The eggs benedict is also extremely delectable. The Hollandwaise sauce, poached eggs and English muffin combo were warm, delicious and portioned in just the right amount. Add a side of fresh salsa with large chucks of tomatoes and onions, and the meal hit all the right notes of sweet, salty and tangy.

Pricing for the meal is reasonable at about $7 a meal and service that is delivered just as well as the quality and quantity of the food. For a tighter budget there are many smaller food options and side orders, such as the zucchini muffin, which is also quite scrumptious.

Wild Goats Café may not be on students “Kent area map” as a good place for mouthwatering food with fast, friendly service, but after just one visit it will be the biggest marker.

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