Life is a Drag

Jim Titko

WATCH a video about Jonas’ alter ego, Mary Kate.

Make up, hair spray and spandex are what changes Jonas into Mary Kate Rockefellar.

Although this isn’t Jonas’ full time job, Mary Kate exists in a world that has been shunned by mainstream society.

Mary Kate believes it’s all a big misunderstanding.

“It’s a performance art. I’ve known straight drag queens that just like to dress up and perform,” said Rockefellar. “Their’s all different types of things but they take drag wrong just because they don’t understand it.”

This misunderstanding doesn’t just come from mainstream society. Even portions of the gay community have problems with drag. Brionna Brooks has been a full time female impersonator for about 10 years and she personally sees the gay community’s reaction.

“They don’t want to see past the fact that I’m gay…I like a boy…but your taking it a little too far when you put on a dress,” said Brooks. “Yet they still want to have something to look at or something to go do on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night and they enjoy it then but they just don’t get it.”

Brionna was raised as quote “bible banger”. Coming to terms with And it has taken her a long time to come to understand how her transgender lifestyle relates to her strong faith.

Brooks said, “I learned that its really man’s ignorance, not God’s ignorance and I believe that he couldn’t have made this many mistakes because supposedly…according to this bible he doesn’t make mistakes so your insulting him.”

All of the social issues aside these women do it for one reason: the love of performing.

Danyel Vasquez has been a full-time female impersonator for fifteen years.

Vasquez said, “I mean it feels great when you can make people smile and clap…you know go out there and entertain.”

And while for these women the performance aspect is a big part the transgender lifestyle everyone does it for his or her own reason.

Vasquez said, “Being transgender and not feeling the way you were born or feeling more comfortable as a woman than a boy and for some of us its strictly an art form…for me its both.”