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Nicole Aikens

If he’s not into you, you just need to know

You check your voicemail, no new messages. You’ve only ever seen him drunk. He’s married to his wife, or he’s married to his job. And the list goes on and on. Greg Behrendt tells you these are tell-tale signs – but for what?

Behrendt’s book, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” coauthored by Liz Tuccillo, gives real life examples of the excuses guys make during relationships and tells why that means he’s just not into you.

Real Quick:


by Greg Behrendt

Publisher Simon


187 pages, approx. $8-$10 (

Stater rating (out of five): ☆☆☆☆☆

This New York Times best-seller gives countless examples of the excuses guys makes for themselves and even the excuses girls make for guys. The book is written in letter format, with responses from Behrendt telling why the guy isn’t into the girl.

“He’s Just Not That Into You” is a hilarious self-help guide that covers just about every problem a relationship could have. Behrendt tells all the things men are afraid to say but does so while telling you how exceptional you are.

Tuccillo is basically there to say, “I know it’s hard, but just listen to Greg. He’s right.”

This book is not “Dating for Dummies.” Its main purpose is to make women see that they are better than the guy they are dating who won’t call them. The book is available so women will see that they can find men who are much better than the jerks they’re dating who just aren’t that into them. It’s so they won’t “waste the pretty.”

Within a chapter, you will find a few letters followed by Behrendt’s responses. Then at the end of the chapters are: “Here’s why this one is hard,” by Tuccillo, explaining why Behrendt’s advice may be difficult to follow; “This is what it should look like,” by either Behrendt or Tuccillo, which is an example of how the situation should work out; “Greg, I get it!” which is a letter from a woman telling how she finally understood her guy wasn’t into her; and finally, “If you don’t believe Greg,” which is a poll of men who tell how they would never do something bad to a girl if they were really into her.

Although hearing that a guy isn’t into you can be difficult, Behrendt is tasteful while being witty. He always makes sure to tell the reader just how great they are, which is why they deserve better.

All in all, the book could truly help any woman willing to take Behrendt’s advice to heart. If they will follow the guidelines, there is no reason every woman in the world can’t end up living happily ever after with a loving man by her side. Basically, the message of the book is there’s a man out there who wants to treat you right; don’t settle for the guy who is just not that into you.

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