Timeout with Princeton Bryson

Thomas Gallick

Running into Kent State’s record books

Freshman sprinter Princeton Bryson is fast – period. The Kent State track athlete ran the second-fastest indoor time in school history in the 200-meter dash at the Tyson Invitational in Fayetteville, Ark., on Feb. 14.

Bryson’s time of 21.35 seconds puts him behind only Bobby Cruse (20.79 in 2000) in the Flashes’ record books. Thomas Jefferson, now in third place in the 200 in Kent State history, ran a time of 21.37 and also won a bronze medal in the 1984 Olympic Games.

Bryson is currently preparing for the Mid-American Conference Indoor Track and Field Championships, which begin Friday at Kent State’s Fieldhouse.

You’re a sprinter. What’s the best part about being really fast?

Being fast means that you can get the job done. The team rallies around you and depends on you. Being fast just means getting the job done.

When did you decide you were going to continue track in college, and why did you make that decision?

I’ve been wanting to run collegiate track ever since I was in sixth grade. My sister (Andrea Bryson) went here. She just graduated last year. She did her four years here, and ever since she committed here, I wanted to come here as well.

What’s the Kent State experience been like so far?

It’s been fun. I’m doing well in school. Track is going well. All in all, the Kent State experience has been going well.

Some runners have superstitions and routines. Any pre-race rituals you have to follow?

I pray before I run all the time. I like to go to the trainers before I run and have them rub me out. Basically, my No. 1 routine is just to pray.

What’s the difference in personality among the sprinters, the middle-distance runners and the distance runners?

My position coach Steve (Rajewsky) says sprinters have a little bit of cockiness to them. Basically, sprinters are what everyone comes to see at track meets. (The sprints) are like the hot things of the meet. Distance people are a little bit more laid back and the middle distance are a little more laid back just because of the events that they do.

Track doesn’t always get all of the publicity that other sports do. What do Kent State students and fans need to know about the team this year?

This is a good team this year. Everyone’s together. There’s no more hostility between anyone. All for one and one for all, we want to get this thing done this year.

How competitive is the Mid-American Conference in track and field?

We’re very competitive. Some of the best times in the nation have come from the Mid-American Conference. We want to continue putting out some of the best times. This is my favorite conference of all the conferences in the nation.

How close are the runners to the throwers, the jumpers, the pole vaulters, etc.?

Everyone’s very close. Whenever we go out or go eat, there’s always a group of us. If you see one (track and field athlete), you’ll see another Kent State athlete. Two or three more after that. We’re pretty much always together.

Beyond sprinting, is there another track or field event you would like to try?

Probably long jump. There’s a lot things that go into it, but I’ve never tried long jump before and I’ve heard a lot of sprinters do well in long jump. I could probably do long jump.

Is there another sport you think you could play at the college level? Football. That was my other love in high school. Football was like my bread and butter almost. I wanted to play college football, but I figured that my heart is really in track.

You’re a young guy. What do you still want to accomplish in your Kent State career?

No. 1 is to graduate. That’s the number one thing you come to college for. No. 2 is to try to be the best person that I can be here and do the best I can in sports.

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