Love at first bite

Kristyn Lebovitz

Dining Services provides gourmet food for a romantic, on-campus meal

Dining Services is helping students afford a romantic Valentine’s Day this year by accepting meal plans for a gourmet dinner.

The dinner will be from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m, tonight in the Eastway private dining room. Students had to make reservations by Tuesday.

Zane Powell, marketing assistant for Dining Services, said the reason behind the dinner is to provide students with different theme nights as a way of letting them experience something new.

“Students don’t normally get a gourmet meal on campus,” Powell said. “It’s something new and different.”

Guests will have a choice from four entrees – tenderloin fillet, king crab legs, surf and turf and a vegetarian dish. Meals include a drink, salad, baked potato and dessert.

Anthony Burnside, junior marketing major, said the Valentine’s Day dinner is a great idea and sounds fun. He said it would have been nice if Dining Services had provided a romantic dinner for two during his freshman year.

“The food sounds amazing, and Kent State has never really done this before,” Burnside said. “I would love to go, but my girlfriend will be out of town.”

Students who did not make reservations can still celebrate Valentine’s Day from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. today at Eastway Café. Eastway will be serving Valentine’s Day sweets and treats.

Dining Services has many theme nights throughout the semester. Powell said he wants students to experience different cultures and holidays.

“I would like to encourage students to check out the upcoming events at the different dining locations and come be a part of the total dining experience,” Powell said.

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