How much junk is in your trunk?

Pamela Crimbchin

Students describe contents of their cars

A car can say a lot about a person’s personality and lifestyle. Someone with a Jeep could love the outdoors, furry animals and a new adventure, while the person with a 350Z probably likes life in the fast lane, designer clothing and a little bling-bling.

A college student’s car usually says, “I’m decently affordable, I get OK gas mileage and on good days, you can trust me to get you from point A to point B – but don’t bother me if it is snowing.”

Because the outside of a college student’s car doesn’t usually reflect the driver, these students explained what the cleanliness of their interior does.

William Scott – senior theater major

Objects always in his car: Zune, hoodie, flashlight, jumper cables

William Scott thinks the interiors of college students’ cars reflect how far along in the semester they are.

“I can tell if another student has mounds of projects and books in their backseat, odds are good that either midterms or finals are coming about, so it’s been hectic for them,” he said.

By having all his books in his car, Scott said his car is a mobile high school locker that he lives out of. But besides the schoolwork, he also thinks the decorations can say a lot about a person.

“I’ve seen a lot of (technical) theater majors who have really nice things in their car that they have made – be it a mask or a little statue or something that they have done.”

Brittany Reagle – junior art education major

Objects always in her car: clothes from the night before, a coffee mug, dirt, CD

Brittany Reagle said the interior cleanliness of students’ cars doesn’t say anything about their personalities, but it does say something about their schedules.

“You can tell when a person has more time to clean out their car every day or if they are always in a rush to get somewhere,” she said.

Reagle said she is the latter of the two. Her car is full of whatever items she needs for the day, with the occasional workout clothes.

Reagle said most people would comment that her car is “pretty dirty.”

Joe Burke – senior technical theater major

Objects always in car: fleeces, jumper cables, tools, rubber ducky

Joe Burke also said his car says he doesn’t have a lot of time: “I’m always running around.”

While Burke claims his car is clean in the summertime, his longtime friend Mike Skotko, senior musical performance major, laughed at the thought of Burke having a clean car.

“It’s like old times,” Skotko said. “It looks no different to me than it did eight years ago.”

Even if it is messy, Burke said most people don’t care.

“I think they can relate because I think everybody’s car’s a little messy when they’re busy,” he said.

Skotko agrees and doesn’t mind his friend’s messy car.

“It’s just like home because there are things shoved behind the seat to capacity,” he said.

Burke and Skotko claim Burke actually is a really clean person, but they agree the interior of someone’s car says a lot about them.

Burke’s two rubber ducky companions, one from his sister and one from a friend, might say he enjoys a good laugh and prank.

Tara Foster – junior education major

Objects always in car: trash, gloves, water bottle, some sort of monetary payment

Tara Foster’s car is mostly filled with items necessary for the winter, such as gloves, hoodies, hats and a snowbrush.

“It’s way too cold to clean your car out,” she said.

For students walking around campus, these items are priceless survivor tools, but when left in the backseat of a car, they can take up a lot of room. However, Foster doesn’t mind.

“I’m a busy person and I don’t have time to care about what the inside of my car looks like,” she said.

Foster, like many college students, also thinks how messy the interior of someone’s car is relates directly to how much free time that person has.

Brian Powell – junior middle childhood education major

Objects always in car: Nothing besides maybe a drink

Brian Powell said the cleanliness of someone’s car definitely says something about his or her personality.

“Your habits (show) how clean you are,” he said.

Powell, unlike many college students on the go, keeps his interior clean, making sure there is no trash or unnecessary objects left lying around.

“I like to keep stuff clean. I’m a neat freak,” he said.

He also said how the cleanliness of someone’s car carries over into his or her entire life.

“Even around the house I like to keep things clean,” he said. “I’m an organized, neat person, I like to think, so I like to extend that to my car.”

Brooke Demarco – senior early childhood education

Object always in car: umbrella, bottle of water, Germ-X

Brooke Demarco is a college student, but because of her job, the interior of her car is more indicative of a soccer mom’s.

“I’m a nanny for twin girls, so I have booster seats and a Rhyme Bible,” she said, laughing.

Demarco’s car is clean besides the stray toy or children’s book. She said it reflects her fairly well.

“I try to stay organized, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. My car is usually clean,” she said.

As an early childhood education major and nanny of two, Demarco knows children are dirty and therefore always carries Germ-X in her car.

“I work with kids all the time, and I’m a germ freak,” she said.

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