Memorial service to honor Steuernagel’s life this Friday

Christina Stavale

Students and faculty will celebrate Gertrude “Trudy” Steuernagel’s life at 3 p.m. Friday in the Kiva.

Celebration of the

life of Gertrude

“Trudy” Steuernagel

Friday 3 p.m., Kiva

Steuernagel died Friday, about a week after she was beaten.

Molly Merryman, associate professor of justice studies, said there will be representatives from Psychological Services at the memorial to help anyone struggling to cope with her death.

There will also be a petition available to sign, asking Kent State to include autism within its health care package. Steuernagel’s son, who was charged with the beating, is autistic. Merryman said this cause was one Steuernagel fought very hard for during her time at Kent State.

– Christina Stavale