Some perspective

Adam Griffiths

My version of the new Facebook trend, the 25 random facts about you:

1. My favorite movie, “The Hours,” is about the commonalities among Virginia Woolf, a disenchanted ’50s housewife who ponders suicide and a modern woman dealing with her former lover who’s dying of AIDS. People tell me they understand me better having watched it.

2. My favorite color is green – any shade of green.

3. I stood through “Beauty and the Beast” on Broadway when I was 10.

4. I’ve been to three countries and 17 states.

5. My first concert was A-Teens with Baha Men and some random Swedish pop band. I went with my first boyfriend.

6. I make menus for the week because I spent way too much money eating out last semester. Therefore, I bring a lunchbox and one of those reusable bags from Target to school with me every day.

7. I love to jerk off. No shocker – most guys do.

8. I collected more than 1,200 Facebook friends in less than seven months. Never underestimate the power of networking.

9. I used to put on my cousin’s dress-up dresses, pretend I was Vanna White and force my family to play Wheel of Fortune with me. My grandma even had a keychain that was the wheel.

10. I’ll never forget waking up hanging upside down strapped into the passenger seat of the car after my dad, brother and I got in an accident. Luckily, we all only had minor injuries.

11. I used to be a huge Trekkie. I had a uniform and a phaser, and my dad took my brother and I to a convention once in Independence.

12. I locked myself in the basement of a bank once when I was little.

13. I once drank 18 beers in less than two hours and threw up on my best friend’s leg. She still reminds me of it.

14. I don’t have regrets.

15. People have called me gay and a faggot since elementary school, but I didn’t know what being gay meant until I was in sixth grade.

16. I don’t get mad when people say, “That’s so gay.” I’ll say something every once in a while, but I know it really has nothing to do with homophobia.

17. Sometimes I still pick my nose.

18. I’ve played the piano since I was six. I’m not brilliant at it, but it’s a great release.

19. I’ve always wanted red hair like Kate Winslet’s in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

20. I sometimes avoid social situations, but when I force myself into them I usually have a good time.

21. I’ve eaten pumpkin cheesecake off of someone’s ass.

22. I tried on underwear at Wal-Mart once when I was 14.

23. I used to pretend I was the traffic cop of my street when I was little. I had a stop sign and everything. One of our neighbors called me “Stop Man.”

24. I played baseball for two years. One time, I stopped a game to run and get my coat out of the dugout when it started raining.

25. The only vegetable I legitimately hate is brussel sprouts. Peas are a close second.

Adam Griffiths is a junior visual journalism major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].