Rosie’s Diner Delivery

Liz D'aurora

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Rosie’s Flippin’ Pizza employees Mallory Morvay and Nate Iden work late nights at the new business.

Morvay spends her nights at work helping manage Rosie’s late night delivery while Iden delivers.

Iden said the idea for the late night delivery came together in a few weeks.

“They got the whole project together in about two or three weeks,” Iden said.

Since the grand opening, these two employees have been working hard because they are understaffed.

“Very understaffed,” Morvay said. “We need at least two drivers a night, at least two people making the pizzas, and a person to prep, a person to run the ovens. We need almost seven, six to seven people a night and we have about four to five.”

Despite working with fewer workers than needed, Iden said they work through it and the business has been good so far.

“It’s been great,” he said. “It’s been constant deliveries, it’s been non-stop.”

The hard work of Iden and Morvay has paid off. Students all over campus think the delivery is a great idea.

“Now that they deliver, it’s awesome,” freshman Holly Henderson said. “I just call them up and I get a pizza or a sub or a salad and I just love it.”

Freshman Ashley Deck has been disappointed in the slow delivery, but she thinks that will change soon.

“It’s been a little slow the past few times I’ve ordered,” Deck said. “But I think that once they work out all the kinks and are open for a little bit longer it will be great.”

The project has been a work in progress, but Morvay is pleased with the results.

“We’ve been so busy,” Morvay said. “It’s great, we’re really excited.”