‘Push’ forces multiple plot lines on viewers

Robert Checkal

Thriller still manages to captivate audience

Courtesy Summit Entertainment

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In the new sci-fi/thriller “Push,” Nick (Chris Evans) is a “mover,” or someone with the ability to move things using telekinesis. Nick inherited his powers from his father who tells Nick he’ll need to help a girl who brings him a flower just before the father is murdered by the Division. The Division is a government agency bent on finding individuals with supernatural powers to create a super army.

The story gets complicated when Nick is found by the Division in Hong Kong after years on the run. They’re looking for a girl who has just escaped, and they know exactly where she’s heading. They also know that if the two meet up, they’ll have the ability to destroy the Division. Needless to say, the flower-bearing girl (Dakota Fanning) finds Nick and kick starts an all-out war. The excessive and clever plotlines have the ability to hold intelligent viewers’ interest and bore those who aren’t paying attention or get easily confused.

Real Quick:


Starring Chris Evans, Dakota

Fanning, Camilla Belle

Directed by

Paul McGuigan

Distributed by

Summit Entertainment

Rated PG-13

Runtime 111 mins.

Stater rating (out of five): ☆☆☆☆

Dakota Fanning co-stars as “Cassie,” a “watcher,” or someone who sees the future. The catch is the future is constantly changing based on their actions and the actions of those surrounding them. Fanning nails this role, acting more as an adult than the 14-year-old she is. Her maturity is obvious when she cries, curses and gets wasted over the course of the film. Believe me, seeing Fanning acting wasted is worth the ticket price alone.

A secondary plot line involves Camilla Belle as “Kira,” Nick’s girlfriend who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. She has the ability to “push” or control people’s thoughts and memories using telekinesis. After escaping from captivity by the Division, she finds Nick and Cassie and assists them in trying to take them down.

When I first saw the previews for “Push” I rolled my eyes. Chris Evans was the Human Torch in “Fantastic Four” and its sequel, so when I saw the trailers showing Evans levitating guns in the air, I figured it’d be another horrible knock-off superhero flick. But I was surprised to find an interesting storyline, extremely clever camera work, great acting and unexpected twists and turns. Yes, there are many plot lines that add both confusion and clarity, but overall, the film brings something new to the table.

“Push” is captivating enough, but it takes its time getting to the main idea. As if I had paid to see an episode of “Lost,” I was getting more questions than answers. A nice portion of the movie is spent on the characters walking around Hong Kong asking “what-ifs” and cooking up new plans as they find out more about their situations. The end wraps everything up and puts a few twists in the package just to keep you questioning. The finale is amazing, and it even leaves room for a sequel. But if the film doesn’t do better than its opening weekend’s number six spot, it may never go that far.

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