Annabel launches ambient blend of new material

Robert Checkal

The ambient sounds of Annabel’s indie alternative rock flow through the new experimental sound of its latest venture, “Each and Everyone.” The fusion of purposefully harsher vocals with edgier rock overtones and its indie roots push Annabel over an exhilarating edge. On lighter songs, the band strikes a chord seemingly intent on gracing the listener with its presence despite its physical absence.

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Each and Everyone

Released by: Count Your Lucky Stars

Stater rating (out of five): ☆☆☆☆

Three songs from the EP “Now That We’re Alive” are repolished and sure to become welcome additions to Annabel fans. “Parade Rest” is particularly the largest beneficiary of the professionally done mixing and mastering. As a fan favorite at shows and a familiar high-energy show closer for the band, the recorded track finally matches the live version.

The exciting “dancing-on-the-edge,” tension-building “Sleeping Lions” serves as the CD’s opening track. The band serves up the climactic ending over the last 50 seconds of the track with a high-octane jam session sure to thrill appreciative listeners.

The mid-song pick-up “In Droves” features the classic ambient sounds characteristic of Annabel’s approach. With the perfect blend of vocals and instrumentals, the group distinguishes itself as one of this year’s top indie bands to watch for.

The stories the band has never divulged become the focus of the album’s ender, “(As Yet) Untold Stories.” This song is exactly where the band finds a balance between its post-punk influences and its genuine, ambient guitar strumming. The song is the perfect ending to a complete spectrum of Annabel’s talent.

The unique blend featured on this debut album is surely bound to strike a chord with “Each and Everyone.”

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