Kent State Adds Muscle to Alcohol Policy

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“Something needed to be done to try to bring down the number of situations with criminal damage, violence,” Assistant Police Chief Dean Tondiglia said.

Drinking on campus rose 22% last semester.

Campus security aids now call the police in almost every time they catch someone with booze.

In the past, students caught drinking in the dorms were subject to penalty from the university, and police were called only if students were combative.

But Associate Director for Residence Services Jill Church said students will now be subject to the law not matter where they are on campus.

“They’re being held responsible the same way in Koonce hall the same way they are being held responsible if they were in violation of the alcohol policy in the parking lot or down the street and that consistency is important,” she said.

University police said the new policy will not affect their nightly routine too much as they come to the dorms more often. But Church said the policy helps the campus security aides.

“The RAs and security feel more supported that they are addressing something that’s happening illegally and their having that support with the police,” she said. “Before they were doing it and kind of out there on their own.”

But security aide Josh Smith says he always felt the police were ready to help.

“Even though we have more help from the police we’ve always known that they had our backs no matter what goes on, so its pretty much the same comfort level,” he said.