USG Allocations Committee tweaks its guidelines to increase efficiency

Melissa Dilley

Student organization leaders gathered last evening for the Allocation Committee’s annual ad hoc meeting to make changes to committee guidelines.

The committee works with student organizations that would like to offer suggestions as to how the allocations process can be more effective and efficient.

Nikole Keslar, director of business and finance for Undergraduate Student Government, and head of the Allocations Committee said most complaints were centered on allocations for conferences.

“We had a lot of different groups come to us to allocate money to go to the same conference,” Keslar said. “This year we are going to try to find a way for everyone to work together better.”

Keslar said the discussions will continue to take place after the Allocations Committee meetings, which are Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. in the Governance Chambers. The committee will discuss the issues until everyone is satisfied with the changes.

After the changes have been proposed, USG takes a vote and Pete Goldsmith, vice president for enrollment management and student affairs gets the final say.

Keslar said the process can take months, which means she and student organizations may not see the changes before the Mar. 10 elections that will decide if she keeps her position.

– Melissa Dilley