Chorus sings for KSU’s valentines

Sara Petersen

It took members of the Men’s Chorus four times to dial the correct number to California.

For Valentine’s Day, members of the Men’s Chorus sang in four-part harmony to people anywhere in the country.

The Men’s Chorus spent the day sending greetings as a fundraiser for its spring tour. For two weeks, they sold three levels of Singing Valentines at a table in the Student Center. The first was My “Phone-y” Valentine.

The regular delivery included a quartet to arrive anywhere within the greater Kent area within a four-hour time period. The quartet would then serenade someone with a song and produce a rose.

The more expensive “Straight to the Heart” delivery guaranteed a quartet being in place within a 10-minute time period.

Josh Flory, external funds coordinator for the chorus, said sales doubled from last year for the Singing Valentines, but there was a lack of “Straight to the Heart” deliveries because of the holiday falling on a Saturday.

“It was more of a challenge,” Flory said. “It was harder because people didn’t know where they would be.”

The Varsity Quartet of the Men’s Chorus – Doug Bailey, Nate Cross, Bryan Kelly and Mike Wiley – traveled throughout Kent to deliver messages of love to various people.

Circle K employee Leslie Strain received a Singing Valentine while she was working and was caught completely by surprise.

“I about pissed my pants,” Strain said. “It was good.”

Susanna, of Kent, was visited by the quartet in her home and was impressed.

“You’re spreading some really good cheer,” she told them.

Freshman exploratory major Christie Regueiro was in her room in Stopher Hall when she received her Singing Valentine.

“I was kind of surprised,” she said.

Although the Singing Valentines are a great way to raise funds, the day takes its toll on the members of the quartet.

“We all like the attention, we all like people enjoying their day that much more,” Kelly said. “It’s hectic but exciting.”

It may be exciting, but some members weren’t crazy about spending the whole day producing the Valentine’s greetings.

“I want to be with my girlfriend – it’s Valentine’s Day,” Bailey said.

The Men’s Chorus was founded seven years ago, and this is the fourth year the chorus produced Singing Valentines.

The Men’s Chorus plans to travel to the Columbus area and perform at high schools for its spring tour. It also hopes to visit the Carolinas, Washington, D.C., Florida or all four.

Kerry Glann, director of the Men’s Chorus, said the tour is good publicity for the university, and it helps the chorus prepare for concerts.

“(The tour) is a great way to develop as a performing ensemble,” Glann said.

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