Forget Family Video

Nicole Stempak

Student-run rental store opens in Student Center

Students, faculty and staff can now get dinner and a movie in the Student Center.

Flash Flix, a student-run DVD rental store, is now open in the Music Listening Center on the second floor of the Student Center. The store is a product of the Entrepreneurial Lab, which operates in the College of Business Administration. The lab offers students opportunities to practice running their own business.

Flash Flix plans to carry the 20 newest and most popular titles at all times, said project manager Sarah Fredrick, a senior managerial marketing major.

“Every time a new movie comes out, we’ll buy it that day,” she said, referring to the two stands on the counter. “As we get the new titles, we’ll sell off the older titles but save one so our library is expanding.

“It doesn’t look like Blockbuster, but we’ll always have the new releases and be building upon the selection so someone will always be able to see something they haven’t seen.”

Unlimited one-night rentals are available after members register and pay $35, said manager Andrew Deckert, a junior managerial marketing major. Members can register either online or in-store. The fee can be paid by personal check, FlashCash, credit card or cash. Students can also charge the fee to their Bursar’s account.

If someone rents enough movies in the semester, each rental can cost less than 50 cents, he said.

In addition to being cheap, Fredrick said the movies are convenient because they are on campus.

“For students that don’t have a car, it’s perfect because they’re already here to eat,” she said. “Even those who do have a car, it’s convenient just so they don’t have to make an extra trip or lose their prime parking spot.”

Senior communication studies major Morgan Teadt said if the store opened up when she lived on campus she doubts she would have gone, even though she didn’t have a car.

“I probably wouldn’t pay $35 because I don’t pay that on rentals now except on late fees,” she said.

Deckert said all of the feedback he’s received in the two days the store has been open is positive.

“A lot of people say that they’re excited,” he said. “Some people are waiting for paychecks, some are calling their mom and some people are just walking in and signing up.”

Sophomore finance major Jim Gentile said he likes the idea of an on-campus video store.

He said he would register “as long as they have a good selection or something I feel like watching.”

Flash Flix received financial support and input from the Undergraduate Student Government during the process, in addition to faculty and professional assistance. The store was originally scheduled to open Oct. 1 but was delayed because of unexpected procedures.

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