Cleveland man charged with assault to be in court this Friday

Kristine Gill

Henry Shepard III, 36, of Cleveland, was charged with felonious assault and intimidation of a crime witness Saturday. According to Kent City Police Department reports, Shepard allegedly hit Jermaine Love, 27, four times in the head and face with a silver-colored pistol and pushed him in front of an approaching truck on Silver Meadows Boulevard.

The driver was able to brake before hitting Love. According to the report, Love said Shepard threatened to kill him, his girlfriend and his child. Shepard fled on foot after the incident, and police arrested him at the 900 block of Stein Court.

Lt. Ray Stein, who is in charge of the detective bureau, said Shepard was arraigned Monday morning, and a preliminary hearing was set for Friday at 9 a.m. in the downtown municipal court with Judge John Plough.

Shepard is being held in the county jail on a $25,000 surety bond, and Stein said Shepard can be released if someone pays his bond in cash or, for example, has a home with enough equity to ensure that he or she is good for the money.

Lt. Stein could not comment further on the details of Shepard’s arrest.

“Even though the case has been resolved, there are still factors we don’t want to discuss before it goes to trial,” he said.

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